Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday tales

Hope everyone had a great weekend. It rained most of the weekend here in SC. We had friends over Friday night to play a game outside and luckily that was the only day it didn't rain!! I did work outside a lot (in the rain). I moved a bunch of irises and FINALLY cut my pampas grass. I put that chore off as long as I can -but I bought a new pair of hedgers  and wanted to try them out. They are made by Fiskars and they work the best of all I have tried!
Not much quilting going on. This will be a busy catch-up week! Friday I am off the Charlotte for the quilt symposium and then back up there on Sat for DH's high school reunion. It's number 33. I did run  this "quilt" -two pieces of fabric quilted together. I bought this years ago at MaryJo's. Speaking of which-I will be going to MaryJo's on Friday too!
Time to quilt.........

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