Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quilts on the frame

These are the two quilts I've worked on today. The one with balloons reminds me of David Taylor's quilt. Just the hot air balloons.
Didn't get a whole lot done today. Met a friend for lunch at a cafe today. the building was neat-the food not so much. It was expensive. I am a picky eater-I mainly don't eat tomatoes. For my side I chose chips. The waitress said the table of 5 ladies in the other room had eaten all the chips. WHAT?? She suggested pasta salad. I asked her if it had tomatoes in it. Yes it does but YOU can pick them out. I don't think so. So she brought a salad which had lots of strange stuff in it that I couldn't identify!
Got home all gung-ho to get some work done and the power went out for 3 hours. So tomorrow is another day....


  1. I don't like tomoatoes either.....

    love the quilt....

  2. Don't you sometimes wonder what happened to customer serrvice?


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