Friday, June 25, 2010

Blocking makes a difference

This quilt had been rolled up and thrown in the closet. It wasn't square and the center was puckered. I blocked it (2nd pic) and am amazed at the difference! I think if I block it one more time it may be square! I love how a quilt looks after you wash it. The unquilted areas stand out and really gives the quilt a nice texture.  i guess this will hang in my upstairs hall. I wanted it in my bathroom but it's about 10 inches too big -I need larger walls. Really this old house has so many windows and not many big walls!
Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)


  1. Maybe you can give a tutorial about how to block? I know, that is probably something I should aready know....looks great!

  2. I love a quilt after it has been washed & block, the quilting really stands out....beautiful work!
    You are the Vivian that has visited my I know who you are. You are one busy quilter WOW!
    Come visit again, I have raspberry ice tea or pink lemonaide


  3. That is so beautiful. I really need to get back into my sewing room. So many things I'd like to play with!


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