Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Working a lot

I don't know where the time goes! I've been quilting a lot of customer quilts and trying to keep my yard up!
The renovation on the bathroom is in progress-slow progress! The guy doing the work can only work part-time. But it's worth the wait -he does excellent work! These are a couple of before pics and in progress pics of my bathroom. This room was added on to the original house. this used to be an outside porch. I'm not sure when the porch was converted to a bathroom but the original house was built in 1904. If these walls could talk!
This is everything on my porch-waiting to be carted off!
Me and my mom are working up some guild presentations and these are two of our samples. She did a trunk show for my guild early this year and enjoyed it so much (she is a natural story-teller!) that we decided to take it to the streets!! I hope it will be fun-we both enjoy meeting people and traveling. I am having to learn powerpoint -guess you can teach an old dog new tricks! I am doing a talk on batting. I have been gathering all different kinds of batting to try. Did you know they make batting from corn and soy? Those two are on order-can't wait to see how they feel and wash!
Guess I will get back to it! I have also been going through my stash! I have no choice-remember my little quilt I was doing for the Hoffman Challenge? I have misplaced the fabric and I looked online and it is backordered!! I know it's in this house somewhere-but WHERE?!!
Happy Quilting!!


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