Thursday, April 8, 2010

Twin quilts

This is a pic of the back of 2 twin quilts I did. the customer wanted a different flower on each one. The pic is not the best-it's too early in the morning! I've got a Geisha lady quilt on now-hope to make some progress on it today. This pollen is just awful around here. When I walk the dogs in the afternoon they turn yellow. I was thinking this morning it probably isn't good for them to be breathing it in. But they expect to walk and I don't think they would understand why we couldn't!! That said -yesterday Trixie didn't feel good and I ended up carrying her most of the time! I walk with a friend -we found this path in the woods by her house. It's got lots of hills -so we get a pretty good workout. But somedays Trixie just has a "bad day". I guess we all do!


  1. The quilting on both of those quilts is beautiful. I feel for Trixie - some days I would love to be carried around too! Best, Lisa

  2. What a cute little coat for your little Trixie! I need some more interesting places to walk rather than just around the area where we live.


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