Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just winging it...

DH used to stop every morning on the way to work and buy a cup of coffee. I talked him into making coffee at home and using these neat cups. Well he says he has to make a whole pot cause I threw the instruction book away and he can't figure out how to cut it down. Who keeps or reads instructions? I am the world's worst-I just wing it!So the point is I am left with a pot of coffee to drink. So that's a good time to enjoy my chocolate!
Today's inspirational saying is from Sweta who lives in Rockaway, NJ.
--Shopping makes everything better!--
Smart lady-I wonder if she is a quilter? Just touching fabric seems to relax me-how about you?
The quilt is an old top my Mom gve me. I wanted to practice my new Baptist Fan pattern before I did it on a customers quilt. I really like the fan pattern on old fashion quilts-and Trixie likes her new bed!!

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  1. I have a saying: "when all else fails, read the instructions". Works for me - most of the time.


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