Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Got my studio back...almost

I was reading all my blogger friends tales of a great Easter weekend-mine was different. My 2 strong sons came over and we moved the longarm-up the stairs! It was quite a chore. I am so happy to have things spread out again so I can work!! My DS said Mom next time you want the LA moved I will pay someone else to do it. I told him It won't be moved until I'm dead and then he can sell it and the new owner can move it! I worked the rest of the weekend trying to get organized. One day I will post pics!
This is the back of a clients quilt. She has the neatest fabric!
This other quilt is one I pieced for the Blue Star Mothers. They are having a Patriot's Ball and they have an auction to raise money. I love this flower quilting pattern-in fact I will be using it again today on a customers quilt!
Went to a meeting yesterday. There are a couple people there who always find fault and have negative things to say. It just SUCKS the energy out of me. Life's too short to be miserable! I had to come home and hug the furbabies . Hope you have a great day!


  1. That is just cool fabric. It's so different.

    You know what I say about people how don't have anything nice to say, it's because they are insecure about themselves they have to say bad things to make themselves feel better. No one is perfect and imperfections are what makes us human.

  2. You are so right!! I probably shouldn't have posted that but it just gets old! I've started reading lots of "upbeat" blogs and I try to surround myself with positive thoughts and people! I work with beautiful fabric everyday and I just want to be happy! DH says I live in la-la land -I tell him to join me -it's better than reality!

  3. I just can't stand it....negative people drive me crazy.....gotta have some fresh air...

    Love the big flowers you quilted on the quilt. Thanks heavens for big strong sons...

  4. Barb -When I first considered moving my longarm DH told me to hire someone to move it. I told him I didn't go through the pain of childbirth for nothing!! Just kidding-they are great sons-they just happen to be strong men who can lift heavy objects!

  5. Wow, you're upstairs now... More exercise is always good. Love the flowers - was that a computerized panto?

  6. Liz -it is computerized. it came with the LA but I'll see if I can "fiqure" out who the designer is if you want to know! I need more exercise-so going up stairs is a good thing!

  7. The big flowers on the second quilt really make it.


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