Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lovely rose pattern and remodeling has started ...

The remodeling has started on my upstairs sewing room. A simple paint job it's not. All the cracks have to filled in and then the room will have to be primed and painted. It's a big job and the guy who is doing the work can only work part-time so it will take awhile-but it's worth it for it to be done right!

I've got a friend I quilt for who makes LOTS of quilts using this easy star method. She gives the quilts away to her doctors, neighbors or anyone who she thinks would like them. Since I got my computerized machine I told her I would run patterns on them "for practice" for no charge. I found this rose pattern and ran this for her today. the pattern stitched up really pretty! Ms. Virginia this ones a beauty!


  1. Love the quilt, great practice!! I am excited about your new sewing room!!

  2. Very Pretty. Good for you on the sewing room.

  3. Thanks guys!! If you could see how I had to store the fabric while the room is being done?! DH is not happy-he says he can't see the TV!

  4. That room will be great when it's finished! You'll be loving it when it gets done. Nice star rose quilt too. It would match our bedroom.

  5. The room is going to be terrific! Having done the restoration/remodel things several times, I "feel your pain" as well as your joy!
    Great quilting pattern.

  6. Fabulous quilting.

    Hope the revamp is going well and not keeping you away from your sewing too much.


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