Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Delivered this quilt to my customer yesterday. She was happy with it! At first I didn't like the colors (even though orange is one of my favorite colors) but it grew on me!


I looked at the list of all the semi-finalists for Paducah and got the desire to work on a quilt for me. Not that I have much of a chance-I have gotten my share of rejection letters!! It's just the excitement of entering! I've got a couple ideas -they look great in my head-but actually making them is a different story. At least I started thinking about it! I'm working on my Hoffman Challenge quilt. Last year I tried and tried and couldn't get it "right".


I cleaned off the pics on my camera. This is one of the "big snow" that hit a couple weeks ago. It was pretty but I was glad it melted quick. See my furbabies in the front-they liked the snow!


I stumbled onto this ladies blog. I read a couple posts and realized this is what I have been doing. Slowing down. I walk the dogs twice a day-a nice leisurely walk. If the sun comes out I sit on the deck with them for 15 minutes at noon. I don't like noise-I rarely turn the TV on during the day. I am working to get rid of all clutter-I think that adds stress to my life. I think I am just getting old! BTW- today is my birthday! Celebrate with me!


  1. Is it your birthday? Happy birthday!! Love that last picture1

  2. Happy Birthday! The quilting looks wonderful on the orange quilt, I can see how it would grow on you.

  3. Happy Birthday and many, many more. The quilting is gorgeous on the orange quilt. We need to talk, cuz I need someone to quilt mine. :)

  4. Happy Birthday. Orange you glad the snow is gone? Good job on the quilt.

  5. At least you enter. I just think about it and never do. Love the last picture of the house covered in snow. The quilting is simply stunning on the quilt! It reminds me of Autumn.

  6. thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! Finished off a great day with a piece of key lime pie!! Boy it was good!

  7. Happy Birthday Vivian!! Beautiful Quilting on the quilt.. Good luck with your quilt entry, how fun. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday! New to your blog but I'm loving it and I'm thrilled with the blog you linked to. I'm hoping to read more of it later. Sounds like it could positively impact my life. In the mean time I am enjoying yours as well.


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