Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A nick..

Yesterday I was quilting away and ran over a thick seam. My needle broke. So being blonde I changed the needle and started again. Needle broke again on the same seam!! Put a new needle in and AVOIDED the seam-but the thread kept breaking! I was worried that I had messed up my timing but I wanted to finish before I did anything drastic!! The bobbin ran out and then I saw the nick in my bobbin case. I changed cases and all is well (I hope)!! I have never timed the machine and I am not looking forward to that day!!
Spent the morning at my guild's board meeting!! 2 hours long---I had a low grade fever and my throat is still sore and it was hard to sit still that long! I have signed up for these inspirational texts and they come to my phone. I was hurrying to get home and at the stop light glanced at one that came in today. Something about if you tear a page from the calendar off every night and realize there goes another day of my life never to return you will be more aware of your time. So I pulled into the gym and did a couple miles on the treadmill-hey , I've always heard you can "sweat a fever out"! Didn't work! Came home -ate a bowl of my Thin Mint ice cream (I know what you're thinking-there goes the treadmill) and now to work I go...................


  1. Chicken soup! Try chicken soup it will make you feel better.

  2. Timing isn't that hard -- but I'm glad you avoided it!


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