Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bias tape maker

I bought this bias tape maker last summer and just now got around to using it! I needed bias tape for my "mushroom" quilt. It works like a charm. The fabric I used was a little thick and I think next time I will cut my strips smaller. I cut them 1 and 7/8 as per the instructions (yes -I actually read the instructions!). I'm gonna have to make a lot of bias tape to pay for this! I did get it for 1/2 price at Jo-Ann's with an additional 20% off. Don't you love those sales?!
The flowers are from my DH. They haven't opened up yet. They were supposed to be roses but ProFlowers messed the order up. This is the second time they have got it wrong! Last Christmas I got an azalea plant instead of roses! They gave him free flowers for my birthday -and my azalea plant is blooming and thriving! Wonder what I will get free this year?******* UPDATE**** I just got another delivery of flowers!! DH had opened the flowers yesterday and didn't bother to read the card and didn't notice that they were NOT from ProFlowers! His order just came -the other flowers were from my DS and daughter-in-law!! So now he has sent an apology e-mail to Pro Flowers and I have called my son and thanked him for the beautiful flowers. DH's order was right and they are beautiful!! A Valentine's to remember!


  1. I LOVE my bias maker too. I have even bought different size heads for it now.

  2. BTW...I've heard really good things about ProFlower's customer service. They are really exceptional at wanting to be sure their customers are delighted with their products & service.


  3. Yes -DH loves Proflowers! I have used them too and I like they they send me a reminder when it's my Mom's birthday!! I am going to look on-line and see if I can find the different size heads-someone told me Nancy's Notions had them.


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