Monday, December 14, 2009

Long time --no post!

Where has the time gone?! Only 11 days until Christmas--it's a good thing I don't stress out because I have not gone shopping or decorated yet.
Isn't trixie a cutie in her Snuggie? She wears it at night because she follows me from room to room (she has a bed in every room) and this way she stays warm. Our house is hard to heat so we usually wear a sweater-so now she has one too. katie doesn't wear one because she is so active-chasing balls and toys. She chases the ball until she falls over! That's her "work" and she takes it seriously!

Guess what I won? This great portfolio from Shannon at the Pieceful Kwilter. The feathers are just gorgeous! That's DH holding it for me-he must want something :).

See this open space ? It will be filled up tomorrow. My new "baby" arrives. I've been "de-cluttering"-trying to make room. It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate (and dust).

Well back to work......................

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  1. Cute portfolio! That pink snuggie for your dog is great too.


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