Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hoffman Challenge 2008

My quilts have come home. I entered these 2 in the Hoffman challenge 2008 and they both traveled with the exhibition. The peacock went to Canada . It's in pretty good shape-a few loose threads and fold lines -but that's to be expected. I didn't enter this years challenge-I tried but everything I did was ugly so I finally gave up! I already have my design ideas for 2010, just waiting for the fabric to come out!
I've got a couple BIG things happening in the next 2 weeks. tune in...........................

If you click on the pics you can see the stitching!


  1. Beautiful quilts! I can see why they went on tour. That's too bad about the condition they came back in. Is that normal? Sandy

  2. Lovely quilts - I particularly love the peacock quilt - great stitching.

  3. Thanks! I really enjoy doing challenges-I'm happy they are back!

  4. The Peacock quilt is gorgeous! Love your quilting!


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