Monday, October 5, 2009

Where did it go?

Got ready to run a panto this morning (quilt was loaded, bobbins ready) and could not find it!! Searched high and low and low and high-no panto! This is the second panto I have lost! Re-ordered it and unloaded the quilt (yes-I have zippers but I don't like to use them) and put another quilt on. I did have enough sense to check and make sure I had the panto before I loaded the second quilt! I have tried several storage ideas in the past and none have really worked for me-I end up throwing them in this basket under the table. I saw a system on someone's blog last week that I think I will try-but first to go through all these panto's and organize them! I think I will do it tonight while I watch "Hoarders" on A&E.


  1. Hey there! You can also store them in a plastic bin with a lid. Make a list of which panto's you have inside and tape it on the outside. This way your panto's don't get crushed or missplaced. Just an idea :o)

    I like to watch Hoarders too...

  2. Thanks -I'm still debating "what to do,what to do". I guess I need another round of Hoarders to push me!!LOL

  3. Oh boy, do I have the same problem! I love your blog! Thanks for the sweet comments on mine!


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