Saturday, October 24, 2009

I am not a piecer,but..............

I am not a piecer but I was asked by a kindergarten class to put some blocks together and quilt a auction quilt. So since I love to watch football on Saturday I decided this would be a good time to piece the top. I definately enjoy the quilting more!! It's cute and I hope they raise lots of money!
---------The other 2 pictures are a quilt I will be starting tomorrow. It's more like a banner. It's huge. It will hang in the church where our guild meets. I hope inspiration strikes when I get it loaded and started. The first major hurdle will be stablizing it-Did I say IT'S HUGE!

--- Great day today. Walked the dogs early-they refuse to sleep in. It was still dark because the clouds were moving in to rain. Went to LQS-then came home and watched football. Clemson beat Miami!! Now watching the Carolina-Vandy game. I won't say who I am cheering for!! :):)

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  1. Your auction quilt turned out gorgeous...hope it will bring a lot of money in!


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