Friday, October 9, 2009


The quilt I have on my blog header was involved in an accident! When my DH was home my machine locked up. It was very scary! I called Gammill and they told me to shoot penetrating oil in the oil holes. Well-first I removed all customer quilts from the room, and then DH tried to oil the machine. Some of the oil sprayed back on that daffodil quilt!! He was upset but I told him it was no big deal. He said," It has a blue ribbon on it". Oh well! That quilt had been my Mother's first attempt at machine applique. She is an expert at hand applique and she finally bought a machine that would do more than a straight stitch so we got together and she made that quilt and I quilted it. It was juried into Nashville AQS show last year. The blue ribbon was from the SC state fair. So, I took it down and replaced it with this beauty. My Mother pieced it and I quilted it-it won several big awards at the state fair.
Speaking of the state fair.... I carried my Mother's and one of my friends quilts over to the fair for them. I didn't have anything to enter this year. The lady that escorted you in and out was very friendly. When I got ready to leave she put her arm around me and said, " You are already a winner for entering". I said," I didn't enter anything- to which she replied,"You are a winner for coming in here today". What?


  1. Did you get the gammill to work?? what was wrong and how do i keep it from happening to me. Sooooo sad about the quilt that got oil on it. I love the pic of it on the top on your blog. Happy Quilting Natalie

  2. Natalie-sent you an e-mail! I'm up and running!

  3. HI Vivian
    I cant find the email..? would you resend. thanks Natalie


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