Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why you should have children when you are young......

This is a beautiful double wedding ring I worked on for my friend. The colors were bright and the piecing was perfect! Hope to see a blue ribbon hanging on it soon!

This is why I think you should have children early in life-I don't think I would let one of my boys lay on the floor in my way while I try to quilt! I constantly step over her and try not to kick her!

Been a busy week and next week looks like it will be busy too. It's hard to believe its almost October!

I have watched little tv this week and listened to the radio only for a few hours. I did watch my favorite shows Hoarder and The Biggest Loser. I missed the show I have never missed-The Office. All these years I never missed it til this week!! Funny how you look forward to little things!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. Love that little schnauzer!!! I have 3 little schnauzer girls.

  2. Wedding ring looks beautiful! Love your little girl. My Libby(schnauzer) lays right at my feet when I'm sewing too!

  3. Thanks! We ought to call this the schnauzer club!!


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