Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Close one.....................

It's a little hard to see but I almost ran out of thread on this quilt!! Another Christmas quilt! This is great thread if you want a thread that doesn't show (like on Santa's face). You can use whatever color you want on the back-I always use 100% cotton in the bobbin when I use this thread. It's called Nymo Quilt Superlube. I first bought this to use for t-shirt quilts but I have started using it on other quilts. It is very strong. I guess I will be ordering more.

No quilting tomorrow because I have to get my root canal done. Oh joy! I will clean my machine and studio. I always give my machine a good cleaning on the last or the first day of the month. The studio is a wreck-too much quilting and too little cleaning. There are pieces of batting piled up and cones of thread that need to be organized. Lots of behind the scene work.

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  1. Lucky you not to run out of thread on the last row...lovley quilting. Good luck on the root canal. I hope you have lots of ice cream in the freezer.


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