Monday, September 28, 2009

Christmas is coming!

Here is my first Christmas quilt to do for this year. I had already quilted a tree skirt-but this is my first quilt! I only have 3 more customs in the studio! One is a banner for a local church-I've got lots of great ideas for that one.
I've always felt "funny" about quilting customers quilts because I make one quilt a year and some of these gals turn out a dozen or more a year! I feel a little better after reading about this quilt shop in Hannibal,MO. The article is in the Quilt Sampler fall/winter edition. The quilt shop is named Hickory Stick Quilt Shop and the owner has never made a quilt! She has a successful business since 1977. Wow-that's amazing! i love to read that magazine and read the sories behind the shops.
I busted some stash today!! My Mother came over to pick up a quilt for her friend and I pawned about 10 yards of blue polka-dot fabric off on her. I told her she might need it to make her grandchildren quilts. It felt good seeing that fabric driving off! Still trying to organize my fabric. I have only been buying fabric for a few years and I have more than I will use in a lifetime (especially making one quilt a year!). maybe I can watch Hoarders tonight with a clear conscience.


  1. I love the applique on this quilt. Can you show more of it?

  2. used to have some kind of pattern for the 12 days of Christmas but never did it. Would love to see the whole quilt.


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