Monday, September 14, 2009

Been awhile...

Life got in the way of blogging....

Went on vacation, recovered from vacation, tried to catch up on work, couple trips to different dentists, still trying to catch up on work!

I am going through my second try to get a dental implant (the first time didn't take). I swear the dentist hammered the rod into my jaw. It has taken a week to recover, probably wouldn't have taken so long if I could have rested but I am behind on my customer quilting so I was working through the pain. to top it off I have a abscessed tooth that I will be getting a root canal done on the 30th. Oh the pain!!

Just wanted to check in-I will write more and upload pics later.................While I was high on pain meds I did order the Ghees Bend solids from Hancocks-they should come in tomorrow! I am trying to get rid of fabric-not buy more-but they looked so nice!


  1. Hope that tooth can last til the 30th. Sounds like your have one heck of a time of it.

  2. Glad to see you back. Sorry about your tooth problems. Hope it can get better soon.

  3. Thanks guys! Things are improving. I think it's true when they say your body falls apart when you turn 50!


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