Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Toy

On Sat I got the yellow slip that I had a package I had to sign for. I knew my quilt had come home but I would have to wait until Monday to pick it up because the post office had closed. I picked a spot on the wall to hang my quilt. Monday went to post office and they couldn't find the package! :( I thought that's just my luck!! I have had some very bad luck with AQS in the last year. I am one of the lucky ones who got their money "stolen" by the Executive Inn. I have been pretty vocal to AQS that they needed to do more to help us quilters. The day before we left for Knoxville got a letter from the head of AQS which basically said "You're outta luck-if you want your money go to small claims cout. You will have to come to Paducah to do that." So when my quilt was missing I thought -man what else can go wrong! The good news is they found the quilt on Wed. and it is hanging on my wall!

This is my new toy. It's the Go Accuquilt. My plan is to cut my "stash" up into 5" blocks and then sew them back together one day. One reason I don't like to piece is that I can't cut a straight line. I own every ruler ever made :) but still I can't get it right! Time will tell!

The top pic is of Trixie. I had to get her cut close because she was so matted. She seems like she feels better with less hair-so I might keep her this way! I will have had her for 2 years this October. This is her seat in the house on the couch. These dogs can't take the heat. I walk them in the morning at 6am and they do ok. We go again about 730pm and they are eagar to get back in the truck! It's the humidity they can't take. I walk a couple times a week with my friend Lisa down a dirt road by her house. At the same spot Trixie will stop and wait for me to pick her up and carry her the rest of the way! She has me trained!


  1. My dog Liberty used to do the same thing when she went walking with my son. She walks okay with me though, but I don't think I walk as far. Mine is a mini schnazer yours looks like mine.
    I'm glad you got your quilt back, too bad about the AQS problems you would thnk there would be some kind insurance...probably too
    much money involed though.

  2. These dogs are funny! I tell my friends that I'm glad I had my kids young when I still had some sense! Trixie will lay in front of the longarm and I will step over her all day. I would have told one of my kids "move" the first time. Like I said she has me trained!

  3. That's nice to see you have the Acucut Go. We have so many dies at school for the teachers and several of the accu-cut roller machines. I've been thinking of just buying a couple of the dies like the apple core and the tumbler block and using the machine at school for a while. Do you think I would need the template plastic?


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