Friday, July 31, 2009


Wow -Can't believe it's already Friday night-I have been home from Knoxville for over a week and still haven't recovered! I don't know why I even bother to take a camera-here is the only pic I got. My Mom took it (that's her thumb). That's my quilt-I heard a few people chuckling over it-which made me feel good. It's a feel good quilt! I look like a zombie-I could not sleep ! We stayed at the Marriot-very nice hotel. We had to ride the trolley to the show-what a hoot! The drivers were a lot of fun and offered lots of advice on where to eat. We ate at this place called The Tomato Head. I loved the atmosphere- my Mom on the other hand.... the girl cooking (you could see where they were preparing the food) had on a tube top, daisy dukes, and dirty shoes. It was more a college hang-out place. But the food was great!

Got home and was literally tied to the longarm-I had to get 2 heavy customs out in a week. Got it done! Now I am steady working through my backlog.

Tomorrow should be a big day! My DS is coming over and we are going to pressure wash the house. I had been putting it off because birds had built nests on my porch. But I think all the baby birds are gone so it's time!


  1. Glad to hear that you are getting back to a kind of normal rutine. lol :)

  2. HI, I was at the Knoxville show on Thurs. and saw your quilt. it is great. We are in Canada now and heading home tomorrow via the east coast. Then I have quilting to catch up on. take care. Vicki

  3. Hey Vicki-I know you had a great time in Canada! Visiting Canada is on my "bucket" list! Knoxville was a good show-hope to go again next year.

  4. Love the frogs on your quilt!


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