Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rain-what's that?

Heard a noise outside-guess what? It's raining!! I finally broke down today and watered a couple plants that looked pitiful. We really needed the rain. They had just painted the stripes on the road in front of my house tonight-hope it can withstand the rain. They have been working all week resurfacing the road in front of my house. It didn't seem to have anything wrong with it-I guess it was one of those "shovel-ready" projects!

This is a picture of my new chair (sorry it is lopsided-I forgot to rotate!). I ordered them from Target. They had a very similar chair at Rooms to Go by Cindy Crawford for about twice the price (when you added the shipping). They were supposed to arrive July 8th-but the UPS guy brought them today! I put them together by myself! I only had a couple of screws left over:(. I hope they sent extra-hope we don't find out the hard way!

Got a double wedding ring on the machine which takes a lot of time. I have to walk away from the machine every couple hours when I'm doing a custom and do something else. So-I put my chairs together!

Couldn't stand to turn the TV on today. Please Gov. Sanford -don't apologize anymore and stop talking to the media!

Sorry no pics of quilts :(. I will work on my own stuff soon. I bought the GO! accuquilt to try to cut more accurate pieces. I have to get some more dies for it-I'm hoping they will have some show specials in Knoxville. I got my quilt mailed-I hope it makes it on time. Pat at the post office said it wasn't guaranteed. I think it will get there on time-it's only going to Ky.


  1. I really like your chairs!

    I am so glad that I am not the only one that has quilting ADD and jump from one project to another. lol

  2. Rain, huh? You can have some of ours--something like 26 days of rain in June this year--hard on the plants and the psyche!


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