Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th

 The second picture is a pic of our Family Readiness Group selling raffle tickets at the Peach Festival in Gilbert on the 4th. All proceeds from the quilt are going to buy supplies for our soldiers who are deployed in Afghanistan. We did pretty good. we have gone to 3 festivals and this was our last. We drew the name of the lucky winner-a man from Columbia who didn't remember buying the ticket! I'm glad it's over -it's been a lot of work-but it has also been fun. The little town of Gilbert that I live in goes from about 1000 people to 30,000 on the 4th ! Needless to say traffic is really bad. The politicians were out in force!  A lot of them were holding babies-I guess trying to get that "family" image!

The other pic is the double wedding ring quilt I am working on. I  hope to get a lot of work done on it today. The pattern is inspired by a quilt that Kimmy Brunner did. I think it is turning out nice.
I've really got to get some quilting done this week-because I don't want a lot hanging over my head when I go to Knoxville!

Sorry the pictures are backwards-blogger has a mind of its own and we don't think alike!!

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