Friday, June 26, 2009

What a week!

First-our Governor admits to having an affair.
Then-Farrah dies.
Then-Michael Jackson dies.
What else could possibly happen?

I was and still am a supporter of Mark Sanford. Yeah-he made a mistake but he really has been a good governor. I am glad that his wife is not the typical political wife with that "stand by your man attitude"! She made it pretty clear what her expectations for him are.

My pic is of Trixie. I cleaned out my batting shelve today. These pieces are too small to save for quilts. Maybe I'll get gung-ho one day and use them to dust and clean and then again-maybe not! I took Trixie and Katie to the vet today to get their booster shots. the tech who used to groom them before he went back to school came out in the waiting room to give them the shot. I said, "you know how Katie is (she tries to bite)"-he said "I know". Well she tried her best to bite him. He had to straddle her like a horse and grab her neck like her mama. Everyone stopped to watch-even the girls working the counter. You could have heard a pin drop-we were on pins and needles. Could he give her the shot,would she bite him, oh the suspence! He was successful-thank goodness! She didn't learn that from me-I guess I need the dog whisperer to break her. She tries to bite me if I touch her anywhere except on her face and if she's having a bad day it's best not to touch her!

I did manage to get a quilt done! Tomorrow I start on a custom that will probably take awhile. I also have to get my quilt ready to ship to Knoxville!! I must mail it Monday!!!

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