Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Guess what happens when a 50 yr old woman....

Who can barely type and knows very little computer stuff decides to update her website? Yes-that's right. Somehow I deleted the Home page! Called 23 yr old son-HELP!!! He said Mom-it's in your trash. What? Sure enough it is there but pigs will fly before I fiqure out how to get it out! He is coming over tomorrow to "empty" the trash. I did manage however to hook up my new printer. Yeah! My old one decided not to work -it ate about 3 sheets of Printed Treasures that I was trying to make a label with. It had to go-that stuff is expensive! I bought a printer (very trying experience at Office Depot), and installed it. Piece of cake!

Did manage to get a customer quilt done today. I have to take it off the machine tonight and sew on the binding. I also cut the grass, walked the dogs and rode my bike! I usually hate being outside because of mosquitos but I have found the best thing. this is by Off and you clip
 it on your clothes  and it really keeps the mosquitos away. Before I got this I was literally spraying a half a bottle of mosquito spray on and I would still get bit. Not a single bite since I have started using this!

This is a cute little quilt my Mom pieced and I quilted. Don't you just love the banana fabric?!

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