Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday night -no way!

This is my stash-at least a lot of it!
I had bolts of fabric -literally. I am getting tired of making commisioned quilts and even t-shirt quilts so I decided to downsize . I will never use all this fabric. I cut it in 2.5 yd cuts and am going to sale it. I have already sold some. My quild has a member sale in October-hopefully I can sell some there.
Been a busy week -got a lot of quilting done. tomorrow I am off to the Quilted Pearl to pick up and deliver more quilts.
I have tried to work outside at least one hour a day. I want to wash and seal the deck this weekend if the weather co-operates! We had a bad storm yesterday. The dogs and I almost got caught in it-we made it to the truck just before it hit. The wind was really strong!Those little dogs hate to get wet! They can run faster than me to get back to the truck if it starts to rain!!

The re-modeling is on hold for a while--I need a break from having someone working on the house! I actually snuck in a few naps this week! I guess I am getting old!

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