Sunday, May 3, 2009

new toy

Wow time is flying! I've been out of it for the last 2 days. for the past year I have been in the process of having an implant done( tooth-not breast!!). Well-went to get the screw out and the rod in (i know these are technical terms) and guess what the implant didn't take:(  So I have to start the whole year long process over!  Went Friday afternoon and I have felt bad all weekend. I don't take the pain meds because they whack me out pretty bad. Motrin is the strongest thing I can take. Starting to feel little better. Definitely didn't quilt any! That would have been a hoot!

My new toy! This mini laptop! I am taking a trip in August to see DH and we needed a way to stay in touch while traveling. Isn't this the cutest! I will have to remember to take my "cheater" glasses with me or I'll be asking strangers to read the screen! It's only supposed to weigh 2 lbs.

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