Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It's really amazing how much "stuff" you realize you can live without! I had to take everything out of the kitchen for the re-model. I only put a fraction of my stuff back and guess what-I don't miss it! Then  I had to clear out the den so it could be painted. It is done and Sam starts on the dining room tomorrow. I didn't put the stuff back in the den either. It is rather spartan-but I like it! Now to tackle my stash. I have bolts and bolts of fabric -so I decided it was time to take action! I am cutting the fabric into 2 and a half yard pieces and will try to sell them! Some of the fabric I had forgotten I had. It was hard to cut some of it (and I have a lot left)-but I know it's time to thin out the stash!


  1. you are so tight about this! 3/4 of my house is packed up and in storage and I love the emptiness! I do miss my serger tho and maybe some of my flannel. Well I also accidently packed my featherweight too. Ü

  2. I need to thin out my stash -- it is out of control! Good for you!

  3. Heather- I found fabric that I forgot I had! It was a lot prettier than what is in the LQS 'cause it's already paid for!!

    Becca-I feel for you moving with kids!! I think I would pull my hair out!!


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