Friday, May 15, 2009

Busy Week

Wow where does the time go? Been busy quilting all week-several deadlines looming. The black quilt I just finished up today and then the star quilt on the frame. I had to stop quilting this afternoon because of storms-can't take a chance on a lightning strike.
Also trying to figure out how to arrange "stuff" in my studio. Seems like things multiply. I could not find a panto I needed this week-tore everything apart. I may have loaned it out but I can't remember. It's for a quilt that has to be done by next week--so I had to reorder it. I also spent several hours going thru all my pantos and reorganizing them-still could not find it! Speaking of losing things-I have lost the phone book. This is really bugging me! DH said just look it up online-no I want the phone book to reappear just so I know I am not CRAZY!


  1. sounds like you are getting alot done around the house with DH gone. He wont recognize it. Take care,Vicki

  2. I sure am Vicki-h's glad I am doing it while he is gone! It's easier to make decisions when you don't have to consult anyone!


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