Thursday, April 16, 2009

Industrial machine

See the photo of my thumb? This is what happens when you run an industrial machine. I got my thumb caught between the hopping foot and the quilt-unfortunately the machine was running. It didn't break the skin and I know I was lucky. Some quilters have actually pierced their fingers with the needle-I have come close and grazed my finger. I took this picture to remind me to be extra careful! Well-now to find a band-aid and finish that quilt! Wish me luck-Vickie


  1. Ouch!!! I feel for you. Wed.,I stabbed my middle finger with a pin and tore an inch lone gash in the finger. What a pain. I am glad I am up on my tetnus shot. LOL. Love the raffle quilt. I know you will be glad when the soldiers get home. My husband is out of the guard as of April 30. He is so excited that he hasnt cut his hair in over a month. LOL. I am going to Paducha this week. YEAH!!!! only been one time before 9 years ago. Becareful and take care. Vicki Mc

  2. Thanks Vicki! Have a great time in Paducah. I was supposed to go-I am one of those who had their checks cashed but didn't get a room! Bonnie Browning called here in the middle of March and said the check would be in the mail by the end of March. No money yet=I don't expect to EVER see it! Live and learn!


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