Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Busy weekend

Boy the time flies! Got a lot of quilts done this weekend. Still living without a kitchen. I did finally get a stove -but still no sink. You don't know how much you need a sink until you don't have one. The electrician came to see how to run power to my overhead microwave. The light that is there now is powered by a drop cord running up through the wall! We didn't know it-an old house is always full of surprises!

I went to my first Blue Star Mothers send off for the troops last Thursday night from about 11:30 -2am. It was great! They have it in a hanger at the Columbia airport. They have lots of sponsors. Krispy Kreme do-nuts, Dominos, Bi-Lo, Dang-it Dolls, and several other groups. The Blue Star Mothers were passing out Girl Scout cookies. The Dang-it dolls  are made by a group here in Columbia. They gave me this Dang-it doll to give to my son-he will like it.

Boy-my studio is quite a mess!! Looks like some serious cleaning is in store. It is a cold night here in SC.  I brought in all my plants. I hope it doesn't hurt the crops. 

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