Tuesday, September 5, 2017

T Shirt quilts-how do I choose my fabric?

My clients have the opportunity to pick the fabric for their T Shirt quilts from Fabric.com. I do this because I think these are your shirts ~ your memories~ so pick a fabric that reflects you!

Sometimes clients get overwhelmed with the selection. They are not fabric hoarders collectors like me and it can be daunting!

First think about the person the quilt is for.  Then think about what they like. It can be dogs, cats, sewing, riding bikes, the beach, hiking, reading, watching TV, going to movies, politics, favorite sports team, traveling. You get the idea!

Second what color do they wear. paint their walls, color of car. Everyone has a color they gravitate to. A couple years ago I looked around my house and every wall was a shade of green. My poor husband!

So your friend likes blue and cats.
*Go the Fabric.com and search for "blue cats". A bunch of fabrics will come up.
*Then go on the left side and choose "quilting cottons " to narrow the search down.
*Click on one you like.
*On the right side and the bottom will be other suggested fabrics-lots of choices!

I use quilting cottons for a couple reasons. First it is good quality fabric. Fabric from the big box stores is hit and miss on quality.
Second it is easier to work with. It doesn't stretch or ravel.
Third there is less chance that the dye will be displaced if not washed properly.

I don't use fleece because your quilt is densely quilted not tied.
I usually don't use minky- it stretches during quilting.
I use flannel if it is light weight. Flannel is sometimes over dyed so you have to use care when washing your quilt.
I do use organic cotton. It is really nice to work with and makes a soft quilt.
If you want a solid I usually use Kona cotton or Moda has a line of solids that are nice.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Some good news.......

It is college football time!! My favorite time of the year! Looking back I made several college football quilts last year. Can you guess who my favorite team is?